Life is beautiful but for many, it can also be a series of stressful events. Difficult challenges can suddenly take place and the small, daily triggers begin to add up. After a while, if not addressed, these events begin to affect our physical and mental wellbeing. Because life tends to be so busy, stressors accumulate daily, weekly, monthly and before we know it, we feel completely overwhelmed, easily triggered, depleted, and unable to cope. We end up questioning ourselves and our purpose and wonder how to be the best version of ourselves in a world that has us feeling beaten down. 

Eventually, the stress in our lives can begin to affect our physical health. The nervous system can become overactive, leading to a constant state of flight/flight: adrenaline rushes, heart palpitations, and high blood pressure. In the long run, the stress hormone cortisol and also our thyroid hormones can become imbalanced and it can become more challenging to keep blood sugar stable. 

We can then suffer from long standing gut infections such as candida or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). Our organs and systems such as the kidneys and heart can even be affected due to elevated blood pressure. The gut may lose its ability to digest and absorb food properly and also to acquire the nutrients we need from our food. We can even develop stress-related food sensitivities. 

Energy reading is a way to deconstruct the stressors in our lives and break them down into understandable, manageable, and actionable components so that we can overcome them. It also helps us understand ourselves and those around us much more acutely so we can figure out our place in the world, become the best version of ourselves, and effectively navigate relationships with the people in our lives. 

Energy is the sum total of the intentions, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of those around us. As an Intuitive, Liz can easily get to the root of problems based on the energy that’s emanating from someone or that’s presenting itself in a given situation. It’s a way to dig deeper and figure out what’s happening beneath the surface. Typically, the outwardly observed problems and triggers are signaling deeper issues that are begging for resolution. 

In an Energy Reading session, you get a chance to share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences and Liz will act as a sounding board to reflect back to you the challenges and underlying causes of stress that you may not have previously considered. 

Once the triggers are identified and confronted, she can help you free yourself of the stress that has accumulated. It also means that together, you can disrupt the physiological responses that have been internalized and that are affecting your physical state. Instead of being overwhelmed by what’s going on around you, you can take back your power and regain control in areas of your life where you once felt hopeless. 

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