The Essential Thyroid Cookbook Reader Reviews: Part 2

A few weeks ago, even prior to our pub date of September 19, we asked our Ambassador team—those who had received an advance copy of our Essential Thyroid Cookbook—for reviews. Here is that first round of feedback and below is part deux. (Now that our cookbook is published, you may see some of these same words on Amazon.) 

From Deb Provin-Martin, Chicago, IL 

In the book, you say, “We believe that unfermented soy products such as soy milk, soy ice cream, soy nuts, and most tofu, are endocrine/hormonal disrupters and mimic hormones, specifically estrogen, in your body.” 

I am so glad you included a chapter about soy. I started reading about the dangers of soy almost 20 years (before the days where I could easily research on the internet). I worked diligently reading books and questioning doctors (including naturopaths) who didn’t believe that there was any danger in consuming non-fermented soy. Today we have more information about the importance of eating organic, non-GMO, fermented soy sparingly. Unfortunately, still there are many vegans and vegetarians who use soy as their main source of protein.

I also loved when you said, “In short, Lisa and I chose to take the long view with this cookbook—we want it to be a cookbook for the ages. We want it to be what you reach for no matter where you are in your journey and to feel confident that your thyroid and immune system will be well supported for a lifetime.”

One of my goals in my health coaching practice is to teach people how to eat for a lifetime. The fact that the recipes you offer in this book are both nutritious and tasty makes this truly a cookbook for the ages! I constantly reiterate to clients, friends, and family how important eating a healthy diet for life is and that often even when one embarks on a “special” diet it can still be incorporated and used throughout life. 

Lastly, I love toasty, roasted Brussels sprouts. With the added balsamic drizzle in your “Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic Drizzle,” it is amazing! 

From Jennifer Lesher, Sioux Falls, SD

I have loved using these recipes and exploring new ways to get my family to eat healthier, which benefits everyone, and to help me control my thyroid issue. 

I have to say that I loved all the tips that Lisa and Jill had in the cooking session. I am very used to opening cans of things and pouring them into a bowl to mix and then maybe bake in a dish. I do not feel comfortable in the kitchen. They gave such helpful tips and the reasons you should use certain tools (like parchment paper) to help make your meals turn out phenomenal. I also appreciated that they were willing to provide a couple of options of alternatives with almost every single recipe, making it adaptable for your dietary needs, family likes/dislikes and yet to also maintain healthiness! 

I remember after my diagnoses of thyroid disease, I researched…like a mad woman. I ran across Jill and Lisa’s blog and website, which I subscribed to. I needed information. After I armed myself with research, I met with my endocrinologist for the first time who told me that they would put my on a pill but more than likely it wouldn’t work so I would have to have my thyroid removed. Wow. What a slap in the face. Then I asked him a simple question, “How does nutrition play into the function of my thyroid.” His reply, “It doesn’t have anything to do with it.” This doctor was a pure medicine doctor. At that point, I knew I needed to continue working to educate myself with more information and find someone who believed in nutrition as the cornerstone to a healthy body. 

Although I felt like I was making strides at improving my diet, this quote struck me. “Moderation is not the key here because taking in even the smallest amount of gluten can fire up your thyroid antibodies.” I must make a valiant effort to rid my kitchen of products the can flare my thyroid condition. That means diligently throwing away and replacing products that can be used. I need to be cautious of labels and not assume that because it says “organic” or “natural” it has the best ingredients. 

I have renewed hope. Armed with the education of why nutrition matters, recipes that my family loves, and tips and tricks to help me learn cooking basics The Essential Thyroid Cookbook has enabled me to have the confidence to make food that will help my body function at its highest level. Best of all, I’m doing it for my family and they don’t even know it! 

My teenager and husband both asked, “When are you going to make some more of those blueberry muffins?” They loved them….even though they tasted slightly different than they were used to. My husband even commented, “It’s nice to know that what we are eating is healthy.” 

Thank you for not only the cookbook, but also the educational portion that allowed me to arm myself with knowledge to improve my health. 

From Tina Erickson, Chicago, IL 

I loved when you said, “Willpower is a finite resource—we need to be careful about how we expend our precious energy.”  

Additionally, the points in defense of carbohydrates were conveyed efficiently (and effectively). 

A previous stint with bodybuilding ruined my relationship with fish…until BLACKBERRY SAGE SALMON! I’m now eager to try the additional salmon recipes! 

From Kate Fetterly, Minneapolis, MN

Progress without overwhelm? YES PLEASE! And thyroid cells everywhere? WHAT!? For real, Jill, you’re blowing my doors off.  

Haha, thank you, Kate!


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