My Personal Journey Beyond “Depression” and Hashimoto’s

I’ve traveled this complicated path of undiagnosed autoimmune hypothyroidism and depression that was, perhaps, misdiagnosed. And as I look back over the last 20 years through a different lens, I see that I identify with all of these underlying issues that led to the overly simplistic diagnosis of “depression.”

Depression: Is it Undiagnosed Autoimmune Hypothyroidism?

If you’re experiencing weight gain, sleep disturbance, brain fog, anxiety, exhaustion, forgetfulness, relationship issues, loss of libido, or lack of motivation, would it surprise you to know that these symptoms are present in both depression and hypothyroidism?

Dr. Elizabeth Naylor Joins Healthful Elements

I’m so excited to join Jill in this critical work, at this pivotal time in history. Jill and I both believe that what we need to heal ourselves is at our disposal—we have it within our power to regrow hair, reverse chronic illness and autoimmunity, balance hormones, and live long, active, fulfilling lives.