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We work with clients who are unapologetic about the need to take care of themselves.

Please use the “Schedule Now” button (below) to book a 50-minute Jumpstart consultation (phone, FaceTime, or Zoom) to talk about discovering what works for YOU.

NOTE: Jill has somewhat limited availability due to her involvement with her new organization, Coaches for Health Freedom, but she’s still doing some private coaching. Dr. Elizabeth Naylor has more availablity for Jumpstart sessions and coaching programs. She specializes in chronic illness, hormone imbalances, gut health, and autoimmunity, including Hashimoto’s and alopecia. She’s done a deep dive into Jill’s Reversing Alopecia mastercourse, states that it’s the level of a doctoral thesis, has spent 1:1 time with Jill talking through it all, and is fully equipped to support those with hair loss.

Rest assured that your Jumpstart session will be a personalized coaching session. You and your coach will go as deeply as possible in the time allowed. It’s not a “sales pitch,” although your coach will, at the end of the conversation, share with you what your options are for moving forward with a coaching program with no expectation of you making a decision right then. We don’t “bring the heat”—not our style.

The cost for the Jumpstart session is $225 and should you choose to move forward with a coaching program, can be credited toward your program, rendering the Jumpstart free.

While we understand the ethical, spiritual, and environmental reasons for a vegetarian or vegan diet, we’re very hesitant to work with clients who are strict adherents of these diets. Please bear this in mind when considering scheduling a Jumpstart session.

IMPORTANT: Once you schedule, our Client Services Coordinator will send you a questionnaire that will help you get the most out of your session. We have a busy practice and take these questionnaires seriously. If you cannot commit to returning the questionnaire at least 24 hours before your session, the session will be forfeited and cancelled and the fee for the Jumpstart won’t be refunded. Please only proceed with scheduling if you understand and agree with these terms.

For international clients: If our availability cannot fit with your schedule, please use the general inquiries form (below) so that we can find a mutual time to connect.

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We receive a great deal of email asking for guidance, advice, and clarification on confusing and controversial topics (here is a good example). And we appreciate all inquiries, but we have a busy practice and returning email can be time-consuming, so please know that:

  • As much as we love helping people, we’re unable to address health-related questions and concerns or give advice outside of a coach/client relationship.
  • We don’t do product reviews.
  • All emails go to our Client Services Coordinator for monitoring. If she can answer your question, you’ll hear back from her directly.

Boundary-setting is something that we coach our clients on, so we feel that we need to walk our talk. Thank you for understanding.