Dr. Ajana Miki's picture

Naturopathic Doctor
Spring Blossom Health
Healthful Elements Inc. referral partner / women’s health advisor

Practice areas: Women’s health (hormones, menopause, fertility, pregnancy), autoimmunity, long COVID recovery

Dr. Ajana Miki is a naturopathic physician and a Chinese medicine practitioner. She’s been practicing holistic medicine for over 20 years and possesses a unique combination of skills that allow her to assess and support healing from varying perspectives. Her patients benefit from her curiosity and love of learning and as a result, uncovering of the treatments that best serve their health goals.

In addition to training with brilliant physicians, herbalists, and Chinese medicine practitioners, Dr. Miki has also trained with indigenous practitioners and healers from many cultures. She is deeply respectful of the complexity of being in a human body and holds the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of each patient with equal importance. Her patients appreciate her multi-dimensional approach to healing and kind presence.

Dr. Miki specializes in all stages of women’s health, hormones, chronic illness, and autoimmune disease and is passionate about supporting people through post-COVID/long-haul COVID recovery and COVID vaccine injury. 

When she’s not working with patients or studying the latest health-related research, you can find her hiking in the hills, playing in her garden, dancing (anywhere there is music playing), adventuring with her partner or creatrixing (making fun things with her hands).

Given their shared values and approach to chronic illness, autoimmunity, hormone health, and health freedom, Dr. Miki is thrilled to be the functional/naturopathic medicine advisor to Healthful Elements.