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Our adrenals are the shock absorbers of life.

Anytime we encounter any type of stress – physical, mental, or emotional – it’s our adrenal hormones that help us respond to that stress.

Your adrenal hormones can save your life. If you’re being chased by a predator, your adrenals are going to pump stress hormones to help you fight or flee.

We’re responding to different stressors than our ancestors, but our ancient brain doesn’t know that. All the brain knows is, “Threat!” And when these “threats” are constant and unrelenting, as is the case for so many in today’s society, our health can suffer.

Adrenal dysfunction occurs when we’re stuck in this fight/flight response and are overproducing stress hormones – which can eventually lead to underproduction of adrenals hormones and thus, burnout.

The idea isn’t to remove all stressors from our lives (that would be nice – or wait, maybe boring). It’s to respond to those stressors differently. And live differently.

Announcing, my Restore Your Adrenals class series.

You may have seen our recent Restore Your Adrenals chapbook, which is the foundation of this class series. The chapbook addressed:

  1. What causes the adrenals to be hypervigilant – and often depleted
  2. Simple lifestyle, nutritional, and supplemental recommendations for nourishing and supporting the adrenals
  3. Mindset shifts that can have a significant – huge – impact on your adrenal health

The classes will address all of this in detail, but be prepared for so much more (see list below).

So, who’s teaching these classes? Me, Jill Grunewald, Integrative Nutrition and Hormone Coach. You can learn more about me here

Below are some telltale signs of adrenal dysfunction.

Do you recognize yourself here?

  • I’m tired, but I also feel “wired” much of the time
  • I feel like I’m in “survival mode”
  • I can’t keep my blood sugar stable – I often feel irritable, impatient, shaky, and weak when I’m hungry
  • I’m overwhelmed – I can never get out from under my to-do list
  • I talk down to myself – I feel like I’m not “enough”
  • I push too hard and “should” on myself – I’m constantly pushing and striving to do more and be more, even when I don’t feel like it
  • I’m hypothyroid and/or have Hashimoto’s and can’t quite get a handle on my condition
  • I don’t cope with things as easily as I used to – even the littlest thing can stress me out
  • I have monkey mind/racing thoughts
  • I have perfectionist tendencies 
  • I crave – and feel like I need – caffeine and chocolate to make it through the day
  • I’m carrying extra weight around my midsection – like a spare tire
  • I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in I don’t know when – I have difficulty falling asleep and wake frequently during the night
  • Getting out of bed is one of the hardest things I do all day – I don’t feel “awake” until about 10:00am, or later
  • I drag myself through the day, only to get a bit of an energy boost/second wind late in the evening
  • I’m overly sensitive and have excessive emotions 
  • I’m more reactive than I used to be and take things way too seriously
  • I startle more easily
  • I no longer feel good after my workout – I feel like crap after even moderate exercise and want to lie down (or throw up)
  • I feel lightheaded upon standing
  • I’m moody
  • My peri/menopausal symptoms are out of control
  • I long to have time for my creative endeavors – sewing, playing the piano, painting, singing in a choir – but never feel like I can make the time
  • I have all-consuming cravings for sugar, fat, and salt
  • I feel like giving myself the care and attention I need is a selfish thing to do – everyone else – children, spouse, parents, boss, co-workers – should come first

The Restore Your Adrenals classes will address everything from the list above, and more, including:

  • How to safeguard your time and allow more time for self-care and creative endeavors
  • How to balance your blood sugar – all bets are off if blood sugar is dysregulated
  • Understanding the adrenal/thyroid relationship
  • Life-changing (truly!), restorative breathing exercises
  • How to manage stress more effectively (it’s easier than you think)
  • How to maximize healing, restorative sleep
  • Specific adrenal-supportive nutrition
  • Finding restorative exercise that’s right for your body and won’t leave you taxed and depleted
  • How to and what to eat for breakfast – huge! (Including our Change Your Breakfast, Change Your Life cookbook)
  • Safe and yummy sugar and caffeine alternatives
  • Phytotherapy/herbs that help to effectively support adrenal health
  • Mindset shifts that will change everything

In our work with clients, we always begin by addressing their adrenals. And balancing blood sugar (which again, will be addressed in this series). We don’t begin their program talking specifically about the thyroid or Hashimoto’s or PCOS or infertility or peri/menopause. We start with the adrenals. It’s foundational to…everything.

Class details:

You don’t have to be on the live calls – you can participate from anywhere, at any time, as all classes will be recorded and also transcribed.

Each class will go about an hour, with room for questions at the end. You can submit questions via your phone or computer. 

All participants will receive the following after each class:

  • The class recording
  • The class transcript
  • Handouts/guides to accompany each class, to keep you on track and moving forward – invaluable 


I’m so confident that this Restore Your Adrenals class series is going to change your life that I’m offering a guarantee. If, prior to the second class, you’re thinking, “Yeah, this just isn’t for me. It’s not helpful – it’s not allowing me to think about my life and my wellbeing in a different way,” I’ll give you a 100% refund, no questions asked.

Lastly, I’ve been there. Almost 20 years ago, in my mid-20s, I was diagnosed with “adrenal burnout.” I don’t think I was in the burnout stage, but I was getting close. 

So I’ve spent nearly 20 years learning about how to support myself – and my clients. And today, at almost 46 years old, I sleep through the night (when my daughter does, that is!), I have good energy throughout the day, and my brain fog is a distant memory. I’m by no means perfect, but my weight is managed, my blood sugar is stable, and I feel happy, fulfilled, and infinitely creative.

I’m not telling you this to boast. I’m telling you that all of this – and more – is possible for you, too.

Let me show you how.