I’m thrilled to share this newly updated guide with you. 

I’m Jill and for the last 16 years (as of this posting, I’ve been in practice for 19 years total), I’ve been helping people reverse autoimmunity, of which we’re unfortunately witnessing a tsunami of, both new and recurring cases.

I’m by no means a doom and gloomer, but it’s coming on hard and fast. (Did you know that long Covid is now thought to be autoimmune?)

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I don’t claim to have the “cure” for autoimmunity—nor do I “treat” any of my clients. But many have seen their autoimmune antibodies plummet—and with that, a reduction in the symptoms that were keeping them from living a fulfilled and prosperous life.

I believe that the stark rising in autoimmune conditions is a direct byproduct of the modern world we live in. But that doesn’t mean you’re powerless against it. Even the most serious and life-altering cases of autoimmunity can be controlled.

Not only can you manage whatever manifestation(s) you’re currently dealing with, but a holistic, whole-body approach will also help to prevent MAS (multiple autoimmune syndrome), which is “the combination of at least three autoimmune diseases in the same patient.” It’s also referred to as a co-occurrence or “kaleidoscope of autoimmunity.”

Most of my clients over many years have had MAS (Hashimoto’s and/or alopecia, along with conditions like psoriasis, Reynaud’s, rosacea, Sjogren’s, etc.) and they’ve seen great improvements and even reversal in these other conditions as a byproduct of what we’ve done to modulate and balance their immune system as a whole.

I’ve had MAS myself. And I’m focused on the umbrella of autoimmunity, of which I wrote about starting in 2016 in this post, Autoimmunity: It’s All One Disease

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and think of these different manifestations as silos, as in, “I have multiple diseases that I need to manage.” There are always considerations for how different types of autoimmunity present themselves, but underneath it all, it’s one disease. And one that can be managed.

This isn’t about fear mongering, it’s about making value judgments. 

I’m here to give you hope.

You can outsmart autoimmunity.

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