Dr. Carrie Getzmier's picture

Founder, LakePointe Chiropractic and Wellness
Referral partner / functional medicine advisor
Minneapolis, MN

I’ve had a longstanding relationship with Dr. Carrie. She’s one of my go-to resources for detoxification and optimizing digestive health. And she has played a “behind the scenes” role at Healthful Elements, whereby I consult with her privately on complex clients cases with no additional cost to my clients, of course. Depending on the situation, I also offer my clients the opportunity to consult with Dr. Carrie directly, which can greatly complement their Healthful Elements program. 

Dr. Carrie and I have no financial relationship—we don’t receive compensation for referring clients to each other.

From Dr. Carrie: 

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, I know that a state of health and the absence of disease is a result of a balanced body and nervous system.

After my father was mis-medicated (and almost died) in the hospital, my Functional Medicine practice moved to a whole new level. I saw firsthand how adding drug after drug to treat symptoms of the previous drug created a vicious downward spiral. I saw how the right combinations of nutrients healed the body. I saw how our “health care” system is broken and that there’s a different way.  

I’m passionate about helping others discover the root cause of their symptoms and imbalances instead of merely covering them up. In my functional medicine practice, I work with people suffering from adrenal dysfunction, liver and/or kidney dysfunction, autoimmunity, digestive imbalances, chronic inflammation, MTHFR, and Lyme disease, including a combination of the above, to create comprehensive, individualized nutrient plans to help heal the underlying biochemical imbalances and deficiencies. 

I’m thrilled to act as Functional Medicine Advisor to the Healthful Elements team and to support the transformative work they’re doing with their clients.