Reversing Alopecia Preview Tutorial

Alopecia is reversible. 

I know because my (sometimes large) bald spots over the last 37+ years have always grown in. Then, in my early 40s, I started to develop alopecia ophiasis—no hair above my ears and at the nape of my neck—and was having trouble seeing any regrowth for an agonizing 2-plus years. See photos below.

Contrary to what you’ve likely been told, your hair follicles aren’t dead. They’re waiting for the right signal. I know how to get at root causes (no pun intended) of hair loss and help you send your follicles the right signals. (One possible exception is for those with scarring/cicatricial alopecia, but I’m not convinced there’s nothing you can do for this condition. And I don’t claim to help men with male pattern baldness.) 

I love this Ted Ed video that says, “While balding may look permanent, scientific investigation has revealed the opposite. Below the skin’s surface, the roots that give rise to our hair actually remain alive.” It gives me chills every time I view it.

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“Alopecia,” of which there are many patterns, is the medical term for hair loss, but many experts use the word “alopecia” to refer specifically to autoimmune hair loss, where antibodies attack hair follicles and cause patchy hair lossand sometimes complete hair loss. There’s also an often misdiagnosed autoimmune condition called alopecia diffusa, which I wrote about here.

But alopecia isn’t always strictly autoimmune in naturethere can be (and almost always are) several other contributing factors, which I’ll peel the layers back on in the full, 9-part course.

We know that without an immune modulatory approach, treatments such as cortisone injections, creams, pills, supplements, drugs, ointments, lasers, or snake oil aren’t likely to signal the follicles to regenerate hair in any lasting way.

Modulating and balancing a dysregulated immune systemagain, one of the primary root causes of the problem for most people—can make these other, questionable strategies obsolete. In fact, some of these strategies can contribute to more immune dysregulation, making the alopecia worse in the longterm.

Additionally, we can never sidestep the role of other factors in hair loss, like hormones (so many hormones), infections, allergies, gut dysbiosis, and nutrient deficiencies, to name a few. They all can play a significant role in shedding. Addressing these things simultaneously—with the understanding that it all works together!—can yield huge results.

In other words, you have to treat the body systemically. Simply focusing on the scalp is what we’ve been told to do, but rarely (if ever) works longterm.

I’ve now taught two Reversing Alopecia Masterclass Series and this is what my participants had to say. I wasn’t necessarily expecting any of them to start growing hair in the short-term, given that it can take a while for follicles to be signaled, but some of them saw immediate results. 

I’m nothing if not honest and realistic about expectations and for others, it took six months—or longer—to see improvements. This isn’t surprising and six months is still incredibly soon, given that the functional medicine community says that for some, it can take a year or more to tackle a systemic condition.

So if you’re looking for a quick fix, I don’t have one to offer you. :)

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You can read some testimonials from my private, 1:1 coaching clients here.

This is me, after having been nearly 50% bald with the alopecia ophiasis pattern. None of what you see in this photo existed. >>

The medical community has shoved questionable, ineffective, and de-generative (vs. REgenerative) topical treatments at people for too long. Or immunosuppressants. (Don’t even get me started on those.)

And like other visible manifestations of autoimmunity such as psoriasis or scleroderma, alopecia can take a considerable emotional toll.

You don’t have to “live with it.” There’s another way.

In the full, 9-part course, I’m going to share with you the exact same information that I’ve used myself to go from nearly 50% bald (and again, struggling to see any regrowth) to getting my curls back and also the information that I’ve used to help my private coaching clients, including this client, and prior Reversing Alopecia masterclass participants.

This was me, 4+ years ago. >>

Again, there was nothing above my ears and at the nape of my neck (alopecia ophiasis). The clip that you can barely see that’s holding hair back in the left photo is covering another huge spot. And there were others peppered around my head.

The quality of my hair had also taken a
big nosedive. After a life of healthy
curls, my hair was not only incredibly
thin, but also dry and wiry. The photo 
on the right shows my partial regrowth a few months later.

Go here to read more of my story and see more photos of my spots >

This is me, March and June of 2018 (right photo: Dr. Deanna Minich). >> 

No clips, and back to my normal hair texture.

It has been an incredible, life-changing journey. I want to share what I learned with you.

These photos were taken on March 24, 2019. Mike from Phoenix rightfully asked me to “pull it up” and prove that I had hair at the nape of my neck and above my ears, where it used to be a clearcut. >>

I have my same thick head of curls today, with the exception of a spot above an ear, which is the result of a post-oral surgery lymphatic infection in the lymph nodes surrounding that ear. That was a huge ordeal and a whole story in itself that I’d like to write a blog post about. My spot has new growth over the entire area. When I told my doctor that I knew how I got this new spot (she knew about my oral surgery), she said, “Yes, of course that’s why it happened. Now, go forth and grow.” And indeed, it’s growing. 

I owe some of my success over the years to the esteemed Dr. Greg Plotnikoff of Minnesota Personalized Medicine. I’d done a lot of my own obsessive work, but I also took what he taught me and ran far with it. It was a marathon and I crossed the finish line. 

Later, he gave me one of the best compliments of my life (and career), saying, “I appreciate your highly scientific mind.” At the Institute for Functional Medicine’s Annual Conference, he introduced me to another prominent doctor as “the preeminent expert on alopecia.”

You can go here to read my post on alopecia and…hope.

I’d love to support you. Again, the Preview Class won’t be fluffyyou’ll walk away with some things you can do right away and there will be a Q&A session at the end.