I’ve had alopecia, off and on, for 35 years. What started out as three decades of mild alopecia areata (intermittent bald spots that grew back quickly), ended up becoming a full blown case of alopecia ophiasis, where I became nearly half bald. But with a lot of work, I grew my hair back and I’ve kept it. I teach my clients the same exact strategies that I used.

I know hair loss. And I know how to reverse it safely.

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Reject what you’ve heard about, “You’re just stressed,” or, “There’s nothing you can do about it.”

I’ve been working with hair loss/alopecia clients since early 2014 with great success. This story features one of my clients—and one of my proudest experiences as a nutrition and hormone coach.

Reversing hair loss is an inside job.

Drugs, steroids, creams, injections, and immunosuppressants are not the answer.

With a combination of nutritional and digestive improvements, lifestyle changes, hormonal balancing, and other important considerations, such as clearing infections, it’s feasible for nearly anyone suffering from hair loss—even autoimmune hair loss—to see new growth in a matter of a few weeks. (Caveat: I’m not an expert in cicatricial alopecia or male pattern baldness.)

Note: This ebook isn’t necessarily autoimmune-specific—it’s more of a general “hair loss” guide that I wrote to accompany an interview/online event that I participated in. And yes, “alopecia” is the medical term for hair loss, although many medical experts refer to “alopecia” specifically as autoimmune hair loss that’s usually patchy.

But I put my heart and soul into this guide. I didn’t just slap it together to have “something” for that event. For the Nutrition chapter, I really spent a lot of time researching specific nutritional support for hair follicle health and hair growth, which I loved doing because I take a “food first” approach to most things. The guide includes information on specific nutrients for follicle health and hair growth, reasons for loss, increasing scalp circulation, and the (largely forgotten) hormonal factor, among other topics.

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