Dr. Elizabeth Naylor Joins Healthful Elements

I connected with Jill in 2018 when she began teaching her Reversing Alopecia mastercourse. I’d been practicing as a holistic nutrition coach for 12 years at that point, primarily working with women with hormone imbalances, autoimmune conditions, and undiagnosed chronic illness. I found that some of my clients experienced alopecia and I wanted to understand the root causes and how to support them. 

What I found in Jill’s mastercourse was an amazingly well researched process for reversing alopecia that left no stone unturned. As a Doctorate of Nutrition, I can say with confidence that this course is the level of a doctoral thesis. 

Jill’s foundational approach to health, nutrition, balancing hormones, and reversing autoimmunity is very similar to mine. But in addition to the alopecia specific information, it was her sequencing of steps that was GOLD.

Five years later, I felt called to reach out to Jill personally regarding her new venture with Coaches for Health Freedom. She was wanting to move somewhat in a new direction and I was wanting to begin working with new clients after a personal break. We began a discussion over the next three months that has now culminated in us forming a partnership that continues the important work we’ve both been doing over the last 16+ years.

I’m so excited to join Jill in this critical work, at this pivotal time in history. Jill and I both believe that what we need to heal ourselves is at our disposal—we have it within our power to regrow hair, reverse chronic illness and autoimmunity, balance hormones, and live long, active, fulfilling lives. 

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Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for a Jumpstart consultation to see if we’re the right fit.

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