The Sunshine Vitamin Isn't a Vitamin

Our winter was long, summer is here, and everyone’s talkin’ about vitamin D. Are you getting enough sun on your skin? Or are you sun-phobic and slathering on the sunscreen, of which many are toxic and full of chemicals?

Vitamin D is actually not a vitamin or a nutrient; it’s a hormone produced from a photolytic reaction with ultraviolet light and because it’s a hormone, can fluctuate.

Add to this the dearth of direct sunlight in the colder months, and many of us can find ourselves lacking. A deficiency has been linked to just about every degenerative disease in the book, so it’s best to find out how to optimize this critical hormone.

We only receive about 10% of our vitamin D from diet, making it just about impossible to get what we need from food sources.

For quite a while, the standard acceptable Vitamin D levels have been 32-100 ng/mL; however this range isn’t optimal. Anything below 32 contributes to hormone pathway disruption. Optimal vitamin D levels are between 50-80 ng/mL. Don’t let anyone tell you differently!

It’s best to get your levels checked about every three months or so. Don’t want to go to the doctor every three months? Me either. Good news! You can check your own vitamin D levels with a home test from ZRT Labs.
Getting some sun is a good thang! Wanna know more about the sunscreen smokescreen? Check out this beautiful infographic that breaks it all down.

To get more of your vitamin D questions answered, see this great article by Dr. Frank Lipman.
Now, what’s the forecast?


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