“Making It” as a Health Coach…

You may have noticed that there’s been a lot of serious (and I would even say heated) discussion in several online health coach communities lately about whether you can really make it as a health coach.

There’s been quite a bit of doubt (and negativity). Laine and I don’t spend a lot of time in these groups, but things seem to be at fever pitch lately.

You’ll also find a lot of inspiration and uplifting encouragement from coaches who are making it. I’ve been amazed at some of the thoughtful and heartfelt comments from these coaches who are taking the time to say, “Yes, this is possible.”

These successful coaches aren’t necessarily famous. They’re not hard-core marketers. They don’t have huge social media followings. Some are even self-professed introverts, like Laine and me.

Maybe some of these conversations have spun you out, which is NOT great for fostering the focus needed to help you grow. OMG, I’ve been there! Talk about a productivity killer.

Or maybe you’re not tapped into these communities but you’re quietly wondering, “When in the H-E-double hockey stick am I going to make it? When is my business going to take off?”

Today, I have two resources for you that could create a massive shift in how you think about your business and your future.

One is an interview with me that just went live this week – and it’s very timely, given the recent flurry.

In my interview with Amanda Cook of the Wellpreneur podcast, I share how I built a successful practice as an introvert, how I built trust with my (comparatively small, but loyal) audience, and how I attract clients.

If you know Laine and me at all, you know that we don’t hold our cards close to the vest. We’re going to give it to you straight up. 

And I give it straight up in this interview! It’s already had tons of listens, many shares, and many comments in various groups saying how helpful it was.

If you’re struggling with whether it’s possible to succeed as a health coach, you’re going to love my interview. As Amanda, the host, said, “We’re answering a lot of troubling questions in this interview, so tune in!”

You can also go here to listen in iTunes.

The other thing we want to share with you is Amanda’s new book, Wellpreneur.

As she says, “Why do some wellness entrepreneurs find freedom … while others get stuck spinning their wheels …? It’s not about who has the best website, or who spends more time on social media. The secret is in the system.

“Wellpreneurs who find clients online have a system in place that failing wellpreneurs don’t. This system brings more of the right people to your website, and turns them into paying clients. It’s this proven, step-by-step system you’ll learn in this book.”

Wellpreneur is a guide to nailing your niche and finding more clients online, written just for wellness entrepreneurs. In this book you’ll:

  • Get total clarity on your target market, so you know exactly who you’re serving (and why)
  • Learn the proven five-step Organic Growth System to attract ideal prospects to your website and turn them into paying clients
  • Peek inside the businesses of successful wellpreneurs to learn how they grew profitable wellness businesses online
  • Streamline your online marketing, so you can spend less time marketing, and more time doing work you love

We hope that these two resources will be helpful for you. As you can see, it’s a mere $12.99 investment for both (the book), which is perfect, especially if you’re swirling from “bright shiny object syndrome” from all of the different business-building programs out there (some of them are great!) and in turn, spending more money (or thinking of spending more money) than you’re currently making.

Start with the basics and build from there. I cover this in my interview and Amanda’s book is also a fantastic place to start.

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I just heard the podcast and it was encouraging to me.  I have been in practice for 18 months as a nutrition consultant and the growth has been much slower than I thought.  I have tried but Facebook ads and marketing funnels are just not for me. I do write in several publications both paper and online and that has helped.  I look forward to other guidance on this blog.  

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