New Service: Energy Readings

In 2008, when I started out on my personal journey towards improving (and later, reversing) my Hashimoto’s disease, I put all of my effort into my diet. Like many of you, I devoured every nutrition book, article, and bit of research I could get my hands on. 

Deep down, I knew that if I could figure out what my symptoms were telling me, I could work backwards to improve them. 

Long story short, I did. 

With time and effort, I was able to figure out the underlying causes of my autoimmune thyroid disease and break the cycles. I had to trust my gut instincts about which foods were causing my symptoms and understand the laws of cause and effect: “If I eat this, that symptom occurs; if I eat that, it provides nutrients and I feel better.” 

I had to learn to trust my intuition despite doctors telling me “food has nothing to do with Hashimoto’s.”

You know that whisper deep inside of yourself that’s giving you clues as to which direction you should go, what feels right—or inherently wrong? 

How many times have we made choices that seem perfectly reasonable even though they didn’t feel “right,” only to feel disappointment or frustration later on? It’s the proverbial pushing the boulder up the hill when we know full well the boulder belongs on solid ground. 

Changing my diet allowed me to trust that voice to the point where I no longer ignored it. If I did, I’d see consequences for my physical and emotional wellbeing. 

It also allowed me to very acutely notice when it’s happening to others. 

Over the last several years as a Functional Hormone and Nutrition Coach, I’ve also helped clients recognize and honor that inner voice that keeps guiding them to something better—their greatest vitality and true purpose here. 

And now, I’m “officially” offering Energy Readings separate from nutrition coaching. And the good news is, I can provide this service to anyone from anywhere because we meet by phone, Zoom, or FaceTime.

I know this may sound hippie dippie and metaphysical but don’t let it scare you—energy is simply the sum total of our intentions and projections we live out. And we all are constantly working these things out whether we realize it or not. 

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As I wrote in a post when I initially joined Healthful Elements…

“Every difficulty and lesson I’ve experienced are issues that I see my clients. This is why I choose to take an approach that makes functional nutrition a priority but doesn’t discount the way that life stressors and seemingly normal problems can make a person sick.

“Truly, every thought, situation, and pattern of behavior that has been passed down to us from our families, friends, acquaintances and even strangers affects us on a very deep level—often subconsciously and unwittingly—which becomes a stress pattern in the body. 

“As a health coach and empath/intuitive (Jill and I talk about intuition in our Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves post), I feel it is my job to help clients deconstruct everything in their experiences that are keeping them sick—not just diet alone. Being a highly sensitive and empathic person, I can easily get to the root of problems which means that while you may think you’re stressed or disappointed or frustrated about one thing, I can see that it may in fact be a pattern that keeps presenting itself in your life and which you are being asked to stop and learn from. 

“Once you do, you can break the physiological cycle that’s keeping your immune system over-stimulated, your cortisol high or low, your thyroid high or low, your immune system unable to fend off yeast, bacteria, or other pathogens, your kidneys and liver from doing their proper job, and your gut from absorbing nutrients.”

In an Energy Reading session, my goal is to illuminate the areas in your life in which you’re directing your energy that are not benefiting you, that need resolution or fresh solutions, or that are keeping you small, sick, or unhappy.

Often, it requires opening up to someone else about what’s going on in your life to get a new perspective you haven’t considered before and therefore to overcome the old storylines that you aren’t good enough, will be sick forever, or are flat out “stuck.”

I hope you’ll join me in this new service with Healthful Elements and find that added support is oh-so-beneficial for your physical and emotional health, in addition to the nutrition work.

Please know that you don’t have to be a nutrition client to work with me around energy—I’m offering single sessions or a group of three.

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(Again, I can work with anyone from anywhere by phone, Zoom, or FaceTime.)

I’ve seen time and time again that when we recognize patterns and cycles, we can break them. Without understanding the pattern, we can never break it.  

Disclaimer: My Energy Reading services do not replace any medical or psychiatric treatment. If you believe you have a medical condition, please seek qualified professional care. I’m not acting in the capacity of a licensed or unlicensed therapist. My role is to support, encourage, motivate, and provide information and guidance and Healthful Elements nor I hold responsibility for our clients’ actions or consequences of those actions. 


Do energy readings have to take place in person, or can they be done with a client from a distance?

Hi Connie! Services and prices are listed here on Schedulicity.

We have two options for this: 1 one-time session, or 3 sessions over the course of 3 months. Feel free to take a look and let me know if you have any questions. 

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