This Week's News Roundup

As promised, here is the inaugural “issue” of my News Roundup for the week. Each Friday, I’ll post what excited, moved, educated, and inspired me. And what I think will make us all healthier and happier. To paraphrase a statement from Experience Life Magazine, I’ll be sharing with you the antidote to all the fuss and nonsense that dominates the vast majority of health information out there today.

Week 14 :: What Frost?

Well, so much for the much-anticipated frost on Wednesday night. Yes, it was darned chilly on Thursday morning (hat, gloves, and scarf warranted), and there was a slight white glisten on the grass, but the crops survived - all but the basil.

Joey, her family, and some of their neighbors scrambled the day and night before, harvesting as much as they could. The shed and walk-in were full of produce; it will never cease to amaze me the volume of food that can be grown on a small farm.