It's Fall: The Kitchen is Calling

As we transition to the milder autumn days and cooler nights, I’m feeling inspired to cook with what’s in season and I’m gravitating towards one-pot recipes. This time of year, our bodies can stay balanced and satisfied by incorporating more warming and grounding foods: root vegetables, winter squash, sweet potatoes, and beans.

Healthful Elements: The Next Frontier

Welcome to the reinvention of Healthful Elements: a brand new website, new coaches (new to Healthful Elements, anyway), and a broader and deeper practice. We still have our core practice areas – hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s / autoimmunity, and adrenal dysfunction. But it had been my dream to expand beyond what I can offer as a sole coach and things started taking on a life of their own a few months ago. So I went with it. And here we are.

The End of the Rope for the Roundup...For Now

At the risk of y’all thinking I’m a flipper flopper, after this post, it’s the end of the road for The Roundup…again. Or maybe I should say, we’ll see you in yonder pastures. Mary and I will pick it up again when things slow down ‘round here. We’ve got a cookbook to write, programs to create, and we’re generally rockin’ and rollin’ on how to serve you better.

Last Two Weeks' Roundup

I try to get these published every week. I swear, I do. :)

“Excess on occasion is exhilarating. It prevents moderation from acquiring the deadening effect of a habit.” – W. Somerset Maugham (via my friend Mark Schneider)

“’Kids’ food’ is a marketing concept created by multinational food conglomerates to sell processed crap. There’s no reason kids should eat differently than adults.” – Chris Kresser

Last Two Weeks' Roundup

Here’s a buncha juicy stuff from the last couple of weeks. Hey Midwesterners, STAY COOL this weekend!

“Always hold on to the truth. Don’t let others sway your heart. Don’t compromise yourself for the sake of temporal groovyness. Be separate from the crowd that’s awash with normality by standing on a firm foundation.” John Fluevog (I got me a new pair of Fluevogs this week!)

This Week's Roundup

Here’s what Mary and I rounded up for you this week. Have a relaxing weekend!

“I try to be myself, which is really the best I can do. If I’m authentic, I can’t be a fraud, because I’m just being who I am.” – Leo Babauta

“There is no biological requirement for cow’s milk. It is nature’s perfect food, but only if you are a calf.” – Dr. Mark Hyman, Got Proof? Lack of Evidence for Milk’s Benefits

Are You One of the "Worried Well?"

Given that most of the time, thyroid treatment is woefully inadequate and somewhat controversial, I was prepared for the letters and comments that my Experience Life magazine article, Repair Your Thyroid, would receive. I knew that some from the conventional medical community would squawk. And sure enough, I got slammed by some who seem entrenched in the status quo.

This Week's Roundup

Here’s this week’s Roundup. Have a great weekend. I’m going berry-picking again!

“The idea that you should walk around with an accurate calorie number in your head for all the food you eat is downright laughable. Pretending that you can reduce biology to a couple numbers is far more dangerous than your Big Mac will ever be. Eat *real* food, not too much.” – Dave Dellanave, owner of The Movement Minneapolis

“Regret is an imposter. It isn’t real. Nothing could have been done differently than it was. Your past literally could not be other than it is.” – Dr. Randine Lewis

Healthful Elements: Where We've Been and Where We're Going

Lately, I’ve received several inquiries about the status of my Thyroid health cookbook and why my newsletters have seemingly fallen off the face of the earth. Both good questions that deserve a thorough answer! I’d love to share some detail, if you’d like to hear my story.

This Week's Roundup

I’ve been at my friend Paul’s idyllic farm today, picking strawberries in the breezy heat. Before I eat bunch of them, I thought I better post this week’s Roundup. It’s short and sweet. Kind of like some of my strawberries. (Next week, I’m going back for red raspberries and the week after, black raspberries. July = berry bonanza.)

“What masquerades as a health care system is actually a large industry that thrives fiscally on illness. Disease diagnosis and treatment are the ‘bread and butter’ of the current medical system.” – Dr. Aviva Romm

Last Two Weeks' Roundup

Here’s our hefty Roundup from the last two weeks. Don’t forget our new “For Parents” (and parents-to-be) resources at the end of all of our Roundups.

“Twenty six second is all it takes for the chemicals in your personal care products to enter your blood stream. What’s in your products?” – Dr. Frank Lipman

“‘I’m shocked,’ said no one, ever. New fast-food study reveals what we already knew.” – from the article, Subway Just as Unhealthy as McDonald’s

The Roundup: With a New Twist

The Roundup has a new add-on: holistic parenting. Even before I became a new mom, a lot of my clients who are parents of small children, were/are pregnant, or were/are seeking pregnancy asked me for resources on holistic parenting. And now that I AM a mom, people are asking me for all kinds of advice. I’m not an expert, folks! I’m learning as I go, but I’d love to share with you some of the resources that I’m finding helpful, along with the herd of regular Roundup links and quotes that we gather throughout the week.

This Week's Roundup

Here are some highlights from our week. Have a great weekend …

“We have a long way to go until your local MD can understand and manage complex chronic cases. In the meantime, empower yourself with information and by doing what you can to take charge of your own health. The biggest influence on the standard health care model will ultimately be you, the patient.” – Dr. Datis Kharrazian

“Tossing your egg yolks in the trash is kind of like buying a multivitamin, stripping the vitamins from it and then tossing them into the trash.” – Todd Dosenberry

This Week's Roundup

Here’s what gave us a “hell yeah” this week. Have a great (and hopefully long) weekend.

“Biology is complicated shit. It’s important for you to recognize this. Many ‘experts’ won’t acknowledge that limitation. YOUR body is YOUR best data point.” – Krista Scott-Dixon (quote is from this hilarious, insightful, must-read (and long – grab a cup of tea) post)

“Please think twice before accepting a psychiatric diagnosis (yes, sometimes they are important) and three times before a medication (yes, sometimes they are helpful) – because the consequences of not can be serious.” – Dr. Aviva Romm

This Week's Roundup

Here are a few nuggets that inspired and motivated us this week. We hope they inspire you too … 

“Gluten free junk food is still junk.” – Dr. Jill Tieman

“Sugar was always meant to be a treat, a reward. ‘The last time I checked, birthday cake was for birthdays, and birthdays come once a year.’” – Leah Zerbe quoting Robert Lustig, MD

Teas Me

Tea is cool again. But it’s not just the assortment of flavors and choices that is drawing many coffee lovers to experiment with “the other hot drink.” With the health benefits of tea broadcast far and wide in the recent years, it’s difficult to have missed all of the fuss it has garnered.

Spring into Cleansing

Having just pulled through a long winter (although it doesn’t seem quite over for those of us in the Twin Cities), the advent of spring, nature’s new year, is a welcome time for renewal, regeneration, and a natural inclination toward cleansing. We’ve thawed, the daylight hours are extended, and we find ourselves with more energy and anticipation of the lengthened days of summer. 

My Easter Baby

I’m a new mother. Harriet P. Grunewald arrived into this big world on March 28 in Florida and my husband and I cuddled her in our arms for the first time on March 29 – Good Friday. (We dubbed it Great Friday.) She’s nothing short of amazing – beautiful, alert, calm, and so easy to soothe. She’s only thirteen days old and already giggling in her sleep.

Estrogen and Your Thyroid

Many women today have estrogen dominance – a condition where estrogen is high in relation to progesterone. It doesn’t necessarily mean that estrogen is elevated (although most of the time it is) – it means that there is not enough progesterone production to oppose estrogen and keep it in check. As if hypothyroidism wasn’t enough of an epidemic, estrogen dominance is epidemic as well and can have some serious implications for thyroid function. Kind of a double whammy.

THRIVE with Jen Sinkler

Jen Sinkler is the former director of fitness content for Experience Life magazine and self-professed “workout connoisseur.” I found out about Jen when I became an Experience Life ambassador and not only do we share friends, but we’ve now become big champions of each other’s work. She interviewed me about easing out of Hashimoto’s for the launch of her new website and I train with her at Movement Minneapolis. Jen was recently named one of Shape magazine’s “Top Motivators for 2013” and in 2012 she was listed as one of Huffington Post’s “20 of the Best Fitness Experts Worth Following on Twitter.” I recently caught up with Jen and asked her about resolution-setting (it probably won’t surprise you what she says), workout recommendations for beginners, and all the many plates she spins.

And Baby Makes Three

Allow me to get personal with you. I’m going to have a baby soon-like. My first. No, I’m not pregnant. My husband and I are adopting. We’re at the end of the rope with the red tape (literally, not emotionally) and we’ve been told we’ll be matched SOON. We’re going domestic, so things can happen quickly. And we’ll have a NEWBORN. It’s crazy and scary and exciting and mind-boggling.